SSBEA BIPARTITE MEETING CONCLUDED.STAFF HOUSING LOAN@6%.substaff 8lakhs,Clerical 12 lacks,officers 20Lacks.10%margin.Wef.01/04/2011!!!


12 April 2010

Meeting between IBA and four Officers’ Organizations on 9th &10th april

We refer to our circular No.10 of 2010 dated 6th April, 2010 and wish to inform that, as scheduled, a meeting between IBA and INBOC together with the other three Officers’ Organizations was held in Mumbai on 9th and 10th April, 2010 to discuss and finalize Residual issues and Draft Settlement.

Issues related to increase in accumulation and encashment of Privilege Leave, Sick Leave upto 7 days without medical certificate and other types of leaves including special leave for lady officers to undergo hysterectomy, Defined Working hours, financial compensation for working late and on Sundays and holidays were discussed in the two days’ meeting. Discussions also covered the following issues:

1. Modalities governing Stagnation increments
2. Medical Aid and Hospitalization Expenses
3. Recovery of House/Furniture Rent
4. Fixed Personal Pay
5. Professional Qualification Pay
6. Deputation Allowance
7. Hill and Fuel Allowance
8. Halting Allowance
9. Special Area Allowance
10. Mode of Travel and Expenses on Travel
11. Leave Travel Concession
12. Definition of Family
13. Project Area Allowance
14. Mid Academic Transfer Allowance
15. Split Duty Allowance
16. Closing Allowance – coverage and increase
17. Inspecting Officers – increase in the additional diem allowance

We are happy that we are able to reach understandings on a number of issues with the negotiating team of IBA. We propose to take up the remaining issues with the Chairman of IBA seeking his direct intervention, immediately. Meanwhile we wish to inform that IBA will hold a meeting with UFBU on 13th April, 2010 to discuss and finalize Pension Scheme.

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