SSBEA BIPARTITE MEETING CONCLUDED.STAFF HOUSING LOAN@6%.substaff 8lakhs,Clerical 12 lacks,officers 20Lacks.10%margin.Wef.01/04/2011!!!


14 April 2010


Dear comrades,
We reproduce herein the text of UFBU Circular No. 3 of date on the details of the discussions held between UFBU and IBA today at Mumbai.
Pension related issues: While the draft of the Pension Option Settlement has been discussed and finalised, important issues of sharing the deficit / gap were discussed today. Various proposals of sharing method were discussed by us in the UFBU meeting including differential formula for pension optees and PF optees and taken up with the IBA. However, having regard to certain legal and other implications, it has been finalised to have a uniform sharing formula. The details are given in the UFBU circular herein.
Improvements in pension scheme: UFBU has also decided to take up various issues relating to improvements in the Pension Scheme like periodical updation of pension along with wage revision for serving employees, 100 % DA to be paid to all pensioners, common indexation of pension, increase in commutable portion of pension, increase in Ex Gratia for Pre-1986 retirees/widows, higher pension for pensioners above the age of 80, etc.
FINAL SETTLEMENT: Various informations are being floated amongst the employees that the 9th Bipartite Settlement would be signed on 15th, 17th, 25th, etc. As of now, IBA has proposed that the final settlement can be signed on 20th April, 2010 since according to them all the issues stand resolved and the draft is also getting finalised. However, from our side, there are very important issues like IBA’s proposals on outsourcing and increase in duties of Single Window Operators, Head Cashiers and Special Assistants without increase in Special Pay on which there are serious differences with the IBA. Without resolving these issues it would not be possible for AIBEA to sign the Settlement.
We will keep members informed of all developments. Units and members are requested not to be carried away or provoked by attempts from any quarter to create confusions and diversions.
With greetings,
Yours comradely,

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